Access Linksys Setup with R7000 range extender

By | May 2, 2018

Linksys is the renowned term to access Linksys setup with R7000 range extender. Linksys R7000 Range Extender is one of many jewels in the basket of Linksys. It was created to work in two modes, that features being as an Access Point and as a Range Extender. Thus the customer can get Linksys Setup R7000 in the mode which suits their requirements. we have explained all steps associated with creating Linksys R7000 in Range extender mode.

R7000 Range Extender

Check your wireless network connection. A minimum of one wireless network connection i.e. either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz should stay in active state.

You will have to understand wireless network settings of your property network like network name, password etc. In the event because of any reason you’d forgot wireless network setting information on your property network then firstly you’ve to retrieve it.

Now we are able to move ahead to follow along with various steps associated with installing Linksys R7000 range extender.

Methods To Access Linksys Setup With R7000 Range Extender

Linksys setup

Step 1:

First faltering step while installing any device remains same that’s to place the device which in cases like this is Linksys Setup R7000 on power. Then wait for a while before LED light becomes amber.


Now to launch the Linksys Setup process, you have to connect with  Linksys R7000 which may be done by connecting to SSID named like Network Name_ xxx by utilizing your device like laptop or computer. Here this xxx denoted last three characters of Linksys R7000’s MAC address that is written on the label at the trunk of Linksys R7000 range extender.


Following this, you’ve to open any internet browser obtainable on your device, it might be ie, Mozilla, Google Chrome or any other. Then type linksyssmartwifi com  in the address bar of the internet browser. You can even write in its place and press enter. By this, setup wizard will soon be launched.


So you have to hit on Linksys Setup Start option.


So you are likely to be asked to generate an admin password. By entering exactly the same, do Save it.


Check the possibility of a wireless range extender and hit on Next.


Now from available networks, do select your house networks. It appears, you should come to fill password, enter password and press Ok. However, in case your network name is hidden then you need to click on Manually Enter Network Name and Password.


So you will soon be asked to designate extended network SSID and wireless password.


Now Spot Finder page will come up. This really is to analyze strength of the signal between the router and Linksys range extender. In the event you find the strength to be too low, then reduce the distance between range extender and router to the extent possible.


You  need to update the firmware because its updated features help you to access Linksys Setup quicker.

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